There are various fully furnished spacious luxurious units that will be available on the four (4) blocks Principal Garden Condo project and are based on various unit sizes and mixes ranging from one (1) bedroomed unit to five (5) bedroomed units. In total, the units will number 663 each with a 99 year leasehold plan
The two and three bedroomed units have Dual Key options though the three bedroomed residences have an additional special deluxe option for discerning clients. The four bedroomed units also enjoy the luxury of an exclusive private lift.
The Principal Garden alternative comprises of four and five bedroomed units that each have one additional living quarters and an exclusive private lift facility. The floor space of these units ranges from 2002-2347 square feet.
Floor space covered by the entry level one bedroomed unit ranges between 484-506 square feet and is priced at $ 770,000 or $ 1,591 per square feet. There are 182 one bed room units in total.
There are a total of 346 two bedroomed units, 304 being basic units while 42 units have the Dual Key option. The floor surface area covered by these units ranges from 764-807 square feet. These units can be acquired for $1.18 million or potential clients can be charged $ 1,545 per square feet of living space.

The three bedroom units will cover between 1076-1238 square feet, on average, and there will be 88 units available in total. The pricing starts from $1.7 million or $1,580 per square foot

There are 41 four bedroom units and will have estimated floor areas between 1572 and 2002 square feet. There will be an estimated six five bedroomed units which will cover 2347 square feet. Prices for the four and five bedroomed units will be announced towards completion of the project. These prices are based on estimates and may differ slightly as the project proceeds. The price list may be downloaded or viewed at:
The Principal Garden Condo showcase flat is available for viewing during the daytime’s hours between 10.30 am to 6.30 pm on prior arrangement basis. This measure is in place to avoid undesired inconveniences to the potential clients as the show-flat may be closed for regular maintenance activities or private engagements. Prior engagements ensures the availability of competent staff at the showcase flat to avoid inconveniences and ensure efficient service delivery to the customers satisfaction.
It is imperative that potential clients contact the developer on the hot line number 61001308 so as to make prior arrangements and book appointments that will be convenient both to the developer and potential client.