Parc Life Condo in Singapore is a world class executive condominium strategically located in an area one would only term as one of the most gifted in the region. This being another project by Bukit Timah Green Development Ltd, one cannot afford to let this golden opportunity of owning part of it slip away. This is a company with several projects on its name and have set track record that can be termed desirable.
Perhaps one would ask why this project is far from the usual projects. Its location along Dairy farm heights near the dairy farm condominium not only makes it an outstanding project but also gives an opportunity for assured development bearing in mind the fact that transport is bound to be of high quality due to these dairy farms. Other infrastructures like electricity and water not to mention quality sewerage systems is yet another aspect that makes this project worth purchasing.
Parc Life condominium also gives an eye catching view with its location close to the pristine forests that makes it even more attractive and calm than any other project in the region. This aspect though might seem lesser of a consideration it is also worth noting that environment goes a long way in molding a person’s moods and lifestyle and therefore a calm environment as provided by this project is the ultimate opportunity for a healthy lifestyle.

The prices is yet another factor that most people would consider the utmost opportunity for investment. With the rate at which this region is presumed to appreciate in the land rates, the pocket friendly prices of this condominium offers an opportunity for one to purchase a piece and if willing sell later at humongous profit. The prices are low compared to the prevailing market prices in the region and therefore any investor cannot get a better deal than this not to mention the appreciation rate that cannot be over emphasized.